Deep Healing

The work of Dr Emmett Miller has had a profound effect on my own journey with disease.

His teachings helped me to relax deeply, to truly relax deeply, so my body could feel safe to get on with healing. Both his book and guided meditations have been catalysts for some major breakthroughs in my levels of healing, self-kindness and joy.

I recently had the pleasure of chatting with him.

I have no doubt his work will support you too, regardless of your current level of wellness.

The conversation below includes:

How a do-gooder student found his way from computer programmer to doctor to the forefather of mental imagery for healing.

An awakening through psychiatry that didn’t fit the traditional medical model.

The blending of Eastern philosophies and the importance of surrendering.

How every crisis also has opportunity.

The overlap of hypnosis, meditation and prayer.

Tools to bring yourself into peace regardless of how difficult the situation is.

How we’ve been given a completely different way of looking at the world.

The role of guided imagery in moving forward.

How separation is making us sick and how unity will elevate us all.

The tape cassette’s role in changing lives.

A beautiful guided meditation, one that will support you with love through this time.

About Emmett Miller, MD: Acclaimed as one of the fathers of Holistic Medicine, is a mind-body physician, psychotherapist, visionary, musician, healer, coach, and master storyteller. Dr. Miller pioneered the use of meditation and guided imagery in his practice for healing, spiritual empowerment, and peak performance, published the first deep relaxation/guided imagery tapes (1970), and helped create the now mainstream field of Complementary/Integral Medicine. His groundbreaking work in Mind-Body Medicine led to the creation of the deep multimedia website