The autumn leaves have almost finished falling. The chill of winter visits more regularly now. In between, the sun blesses us with occasional perfect days and we head out to the many parks nearby, running through autumn leaves or simply enjoying being alive and watching others do the same.

While sitting in a park the other day, I watched an elderly man cross a nearby street. He stopped traffic in doing so, yet didn’t hesitate to venture out onto the road. He just kept walking and drivers stopped their cars to let him by. There was a decent amount of traffic too, yet he walked out there without a doubt in the world that they would stop for him.

Admittedly, this man comes from a time when people lived simpler lifestyles and were more polite. Perhaps he was still using the same method of crossing the street as when he was a young man, just venturing out there knowing the drivers would be considerate.

Either way, it left me thinking about the power of faith and how free of fear this elderly man had appeared to be, despite the busy road. He simply knew he had to cross so he took the first step, then the next and the next. He had the confidence and trust to venture towards his destination so off he went, successfully too.

Children are the same. They trust that their needs will be provided. They act courageously in almost everything they do, without even being aware of their courage, or more so, their lack of some thing called ‘fear’. With a loving guardian or parent watching over them, they are correct in their courage. There is nothing to worry about.

Where do adults go wrong then, since everyone begins life as a courageous child? If you managed to stay as confident as the little one inside of you, you would have ongoing trust that life will provide. And it would.

Instead, you develop fear, based on other people’s opinions of life, the main teachers you come across who tell you it can’t be that easy. Fear begins to rule. Your life is altered and shaped accordingly, telling yourself that you can’t do this or that. Before you know it, the ease of flow is almost severed entirely. A new belief system rules now, telling you that life must be hard and that faith is not enough to get you through.

It is, though. Well, faith with action anyway. Those two combined have the ability to truly create every day miracles, the modern miracle being something happening that could not be planned every step of the way, but was assisted in manifesting by some surprise elements.

Faith doesn’t have to be in God, Dhamma, the Universe, or whatever you call the Great Spirit that exists within us, whether you believe in it or not. It doesn’t matter. Faith can simply be in yourself, or life, or in a vision that is so strong that confidence will draw it to you.

On numerous occasions, the way some things have resulted in my own life are so far beyond explanation or possible planning that only my faith was responsible in drawing it to me. Over the years I have taken so many leaps of faith and despite being challenged, exercising a steadfast resilience of faith has never failed me.

Being strong in faith is the challenge, however. As a human, you cannot be strong every day and this is a part of the test. It is an ebb and flow of strength and surrender. On the strong days, faith carries you forward with an incredible knowing in the heart that all will be well. There is no need to contemplate how or when. Having true faith, you just know that it is all going to work out perfectly, somehow.

On the days when faith starts sliding, you draw on hope and let that carry you through as best as possible. But what of the days when hope had disappeared too? At such times, you simply surrender. Let go. Release it. This doesn’t have to be a catastrophe. Acknowledge your humanness. Love that part of yourself too, because from somewhere within, faith will slowly but surely return and this time will pass. You will find renewed strength. Faith does that. It is a loyal companion once acquainted.

Faith is a talent, a characteristic that we are naturally born with. Rarely though, is it not lost along the way, only to be found again if sought. So it is a skill to be relearned and is best done one step at a time. As you begin to test your faith, stretching your confidence and trust, you become more courageous again, allowing each step to be experienced with more enjoyment and fortitude.

Having faith creates so many possibilities. It quiets the logical mind, a mind that forever seeks answers that don’t always need to be found.

Faith truly does create miracles. We just need to be brave and get out of our own way sometimes to allow them through.

Like an old man crossing a busy street, we take one small step at a time, never losing sight of our desired destination, yet trusting that as each step is revealed, all will be well.



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