Leaps of Faith

In general, we are a society ruled by fear. It is a society that has lost touch with its power to draw forth what is needed through inward intention, rather than logic and control.

All of the holy books speak of our own power to manifest our desires through faith. It is not blind faith, but rather faith combining both intention and surrender. I say this from experience.

At one stage, I had a ‘great’ career in the banking industry. I had worked for numerous institutions, in all sorts of roles, and had experienced quite an accelerated career path as a result. It was simply a job I was reasonable good at because I loved people and was good at numbers. I loved the customers. But I hated the Monday to Friday grind. I also hated not being able to approve loans for people I intuitively knew would manage them, even if I couldn’t prove so on paper. I hated the power struggles of various management and mostly, I hated being in a job that my heart was not into.

Buddha said ‘Your life’s work is to find your life’s work’ and indeed, I had no idea what my life’s work was back then. I only knew what I didn’t want to do. This is not a bad place to start, by the way. It rules some options out at least. The search began and took me through all sorts of places, physically and within.

The pain of my working life drove me to take many leaps of faith in following years, each one bigger than the last. I had to face my fears head on and at times, I wondered how on Earth I would ever know happiness again. Yet I came to see that life definitely rewards those who take a chance.

I also knew that living a life based on logic, the mind, rather than intuition, the language of the heart, would never make sense to me. My life and decisions may not have made much sense to most people, yet when I landed on my feet, and I always did, everyone would say how lucky I was. Little did they know the courage, strength and focus I had drawn on to survive the challenges.

The heart is the truest guide and when we learn to honour its guidance, we are rewarded in ways the mind could not even imagine. I have found that although each of my leaps of faith may be bigger than the last, like anything, you get better with practice and when you get better at things, you want to do them more. So even though I have sometimes been stretched incredibly on an emotional level, I always come back for more and do it again and again, as living life this way makes much more sense to me now.

If you are taking a leap of faith, be sure to only tell those in your life who you know will support you. Sometimes people will mean well, but they project their own fears onto you. You cannot take this on. You are dealing with enough within yourself already. So choose wisely in order to stay focused. As I once said to someone I loved, when she was worried about me, ‘if your own faith is not strong enough, please have faith in my faith’.

More often than not for anyone on a leap of faith, there comes a point when it all just gets too hard and you let go. Surrender takes a lot of courage, but it is the catalyst for things to finally fall into place. Things will flow to you when you are able to let go and be happy. Surrender is a necessity to unblock the flow to you.

Things may not unfold in the manner you expect, but they turn out even better. We intend and send our desires out, but we do not control how they will flow back to us. Just know that while we are creative people, so too is the loving energy of the universe. Allow it to show its own creativity in how things flow to you and trust that this same force that keeps the planets aligned, is also more than able to manifest a miracle in your life.

The real work is internal. Your job is to bring yourself to a point of readiness, then just get out of the way.

Beyond that, try to see beyond the obvious and allow yourself to receive all of the good you have drawn forth. You deserve it.

Your heart is speaking.



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