The Natural Flow of Dreams

With the release of my new book only a few months away, my publishers are busy making plans for its launch. Things are different this time around for me, compared to when I released my first book. Then there was no planning or launch. I just released it and it gained its own momentum. The many seeds I had already planted began sprouting as my readiness increased, enabling me to allow the dream through.

There are actions needed to be taken when creating dreams. There is no doubt about that. It tells Life that you are willing to put in the effort to help the dream along. I worked incredibly hard at getting The Top Five Regrets of the Dying to a level that brought a publishing deal to me. Most of the work though was done without plans. I simply attended to each step as it revealed itself. As a result, the ‘hard’ work was actually passionate work and didn’t feel like work at all.

The greatest work you can do though, well before that, is to deal with the layers and layers of who you think you are, to reveal who you really are! No amount of physical hard work will allow any dream through in its full potential, if you are not emotionally and spiritually ready for it.

So while you may think, I have to do this or that, ask yourself if that thought actually comes from a place of fear instead? Do you have to do whatever it is because you don’t know what else to do, because you feel you should be doing something at least, or because you feel calmly guided to do it with a peaceful knowing in your heart?

I cannot stress enough about the importance of putting the inner work first. The more you clear from your past conditioning and the more fears you release about your worth, the more connected you become to your heart’s amazing truth and the more courageous you are in dealing with whatever holds you back.

Then when the dream does manifest, even though it may be after a date you initially dictated, it will be so much better than you had imagined. What it will bring in addition to the physical manifestation you were longing for is an amazing sense of satisfaction, joy, and peace. You will also be more equipped to deal with the further growth of the dream on an ongoing basis.

So how do you allow it through in a natural, flowing way? How do you reach a point when you can peacefully trust that it is coming, when you know that your job now is to allow it, rather than strive for it?

You make your inner work the priority.

Regardless of what is happening in your life, you make time-out a necessity. Use that time to meditate, take solitary walks, soak in the bath, or do whatever you feel guided to do, providing you are not using other people or activities as a distraction. The time is for spending with you.

While you can learn immense things about yourself through your relationships with others, it is only through taking the time to get to know yourself that the real changes are made. Then be honest about your fears. Acknowledge to yourself that you are scared. Acknowledge that you don’t know all the answers. Let the tears flow if they need to. Let a river pour out of you. There is such incredible strength through honesty and surrender. And with every release, you grow one step closer to your own heart and your ability to love yourself on a whole new level.

When you do the real work, the inner work, you don’t have to strive anymore. You realise that there will always be new things to discover about yourself, but now you can do so patiently, lovingly, and without pressure. The journey becomes where the richness of life is, not in the destination.

The dream is not forgotten though. It was always there waiting for your readiness. But instead of grasping for it in frustration or desperation, you open your hands and it flows into your life without effort.

I wish you the courage to meet your best self and to allow your dream to flow.

I wish you love.