New York

The sounds from the street rise up through the window of our holiday apartment in New York. This great metropolis has enticed me for years. Now I am finally in her embrace.

As I looked down from the 26th floor on the first morning, it became obvious we were in pretty safe hands. Within a block were a fire station, a police station, and a church. The bells from the steeple ring out on the hour, as do others from further afield. These are welcoming sounds over the constant hum of traffic, car horns and sirens.

A helicopter is the only air traffic I see and I wonder about the stories of the people inside. It is the melting pot of humanity that drew me to this great city in the first place. Every apartment building within my vision carries a story. Some have flowers growing on their balconies. Others remain barren and somewhat forlorn.

Every person I pass in the street also has a story. In this city, they come from every corner of the globe. The tales weave a web of all aspects of humanity, each affecting the other in one way indirect way or another. I love this place.

Yet what is bringing me even more pleasure than all of those reasons listed above, is the gauge that this trip acts as for me. It was six or seven years ago when I first made the decision to make the trip a reality. Until then, it had been a wafting dream of ‘perhaps one day’. The international population had enticed me for as long as I could remember, but I was tired of it just being a vague possibility.

So on a particular day sitting by a creek, having just come through a cloudy period of depression, a decision was made. I was going to New York in this lifetime and I was going to do it comfortably. I was done with struggle and doing it rough while travelling. It was time to expect comfort instead.

Now, as an extended holiday unfolds in this great city, I think of the events and life lessons that have unfolded since that day. More so, I think about who I have become and how much more love I treat myself with. We are staying in a lovely apartment, full of comfort. There was no way I was travelling without my darling daughter, so a friend is also here, helping us out as a nanny. The best feeling of all, though, is that I made it happen. I trusted when guided to trust and I took action when guided to act.

It often takes a very conscious decision, a commitment, to bring dreams into manifestation. Life has constantly taught me the power of surrender and faith. So, we cannot force things – but we can focus on them in a peaceful enough way to open the flow for their passage. Trying to force them just adds pressure to the time in between, robbing us of pleasure in the present moment. All the while, it connects desperation and unhealthy emotions to the dream we are yearning for.

Instead, we can just remain steadfast in our focus, while also practicing a path of gratitude and trust for the life currently unfolding. Then, when we are ready, the dream can come through – gently and easily. The amount of flow that has supported this trip for me, at this time, simply did not exist all of those years ago. The dream had to ripen. My own readiness had to ripen.

So as the streets of Manhattan unfold with millions of stories below, I send love. I also wish you the strength needed for a fine balance of courage, surrender, and focus to see your own aspirations unfold.

Dreams really can come true.

I wish you peace. I wish you hope.