Old Lounges

Every verandah needs a good lounge. How can one ever truly relax without a comfy lounge to kick back in? What’s the point of perfect matching chairs from the latest trendy furniture shop, when one can dig up an old lounge from somewhere to watch the sun set from?

Sunsets on the farm are viewed every afternoon from an outdated but incredibly comfy lounge. Most afternoons at this time are given either to conversation, playing guitar, or writing. But almost always, it is outside on the lounge, on the verandah. If for some reason I must be inside at this time, it almost kills me.

Dusk is especially beautiful when the summer days have been so scorching that only swimming or slothing around at home in very little clothing offer reprieve. The beach was glorious yesterday. But as the summer tourists push off back towards their homes this weekend, at the end of the summer holidays, the true beauty of the place will be revealed even more again next week. February is definitely the time I love best at that beach.

The true beauty of home though is always revealed here at sunrise and sunset, the latter especially from this old lounge. (The former is usually viewed from bed).

After many years of roaming, I set up home again a couple of years back. Things came my way so easily. Once the house was sorted, it was time to find the right verandah lounge. And sure enough, there it was the next day, by the side of the road a few doors up, in great condition, just a bit old fashioned, waiting to go to the rubbish tip for council clean-up.

The joy of owning a van when setting up home at council clean-up time is obvious. Sometimes the owners even came out and helped load their previous belongings into the van, bless them. It was all in good fun and spirit.

This lounge now lives in different region and has seen a lot of bums come and go. As we sat out here the other morning, the threat of a scorching day lingering, I smiled as I remembered busting my guts trying to squash it into my van when it was first spotted. Personally, I am just not into new furniture. It’s not my thing. I love pre-owned stuff and even more when the item has started to travel some miles with me too.

One of my favourite times on this lounge, amongst many, was not long after moving to the farm here. One of my closest friends came up from the city for the evening. From the minute she arrived, we plonked ourselves down on the lounge and hardly moved, other than for me to create a beautiful veggie pizza and bring it out to the verandah. A huge foot-stool was also brought out and later a duvet. We were certainly comfy.

As the day turned to evening, the talk rolled on. Some light was created by a half full moon, but not so much to dim the stars. And with no street lights for miles, that makes for a lot of stars.

A haunting but beautiful mist came across then. And it was like we were in Avalon itself, the secret mystical land of legends long before. It was such a perfect evening that neither of us could move. The mist moved over us, surrounding us completely. Then as it moved on again, a million stars reappeared.

Eventually though, our eyes were so tired that sleep was reluctantly spoken of. We then discovered it was five o’clock in the morning, almost time for the sun to rise again. If it weren’t for such a comfortable lounge, we no doubt would have retired hours earlier (and missed such a beautiful evening in full).

Now it is seven o’clock on a summer’s night and the sun has just ducked behind the hill. It is still shining over the range of course. But it has now departed this valley until tomorrow. The cool evening breeze brings welcomed reprieve.

I am usually much more of an autumn and winter person really. But summer at dusk is certainly a beautiful time to be outside, especially if there is a comfy lounge to see the day out on.

It needs to be an old lounge though, nothing new and precious that will make one panic if the weather threatens it. So save yourself the headache of looking for new verandah furniture folks. Go out at clean-up time and find something comfy to view the day from. Life from a verandah can only be truly enjoyed from a comfy lounge.

The very last rays now hit a distant hill up North. The birds settle into their nests for the night. Frogs are coming out in song to provide the evening’s lullabies.

And from this very comfy lounge, I say thank you for sharing this sunset and send you the best of wishes. Life is beautiful.