One Step At A Time

My elderly Nana, my father’s mother, was a tiny woman with a strong personality. (Both of my grandmothers were tiny, both stood under five feet tall). Nana lived in a run down old house at the back of an overgrown block. I remember only a few things about that time in my childhood.

We were never allowed to leave a crumb of food on our plates, there was an avocado tree in the front yard, she always had boiled lollies beside her bed, and there were old, worn, sandstone steps leading up to her home. The steps were uneven but I loved them as they were cut from the rock decades earlier. Their imperfection made them perfect to my child mind. Alongside the path leading up to the steps was a sandstone wall that seemed to tower over me, though in hindsight it was possibly only about four or five feet high.

Although there were probably only about ten steps in total, they seemed like a long and mysterious climb, as I could not see beyond the top step from the first few lower steps. What lay beyond could have changed each time, according to my uncluttered imagination. Yet there was also always a sense of magic and wonder to see Nana’s old rickety house again.

Like steps we take in our adult life too, we cannot always see where they lead. Sometimes the path appears clear, so we feel confident to proceed. But how do we know there won’t be a surprise hazard along the way anyway, even on a path that appears to be so easy and clear?

One step at a time is the way to go. As long as we have the bravery to keep taking each step as it appears, even if we cannot see every step beyond, we are still moving in the right direction. It takes courage and faith. But it also gives room for flexibility, positive surprise, and mystery too.

Dealing with just one step at a time allows us to be more present. We become more open to the opportunities that present themselves as we go, rather than rushing head first towards a goal, missing the helping points along the way.

The path may wind here and there, but flexibility can be a joyous thing. Letting go of the need to control every single step is a freedom that assists the journey. Surrendering is not a hindrance at all. It is courageous and positive. Being rigid and trying to control every single step along the way, with no openness to the goodness of surprise, is often the hindrance.

Being open to dealing with wherever each new step leads will bring rewards unimagined. Flexibility and faith go hand in hand when one is manifesting their dreams. So does taking that one gentle step at a time. Faith holds the dream and vision strong, and courage attracts the rewards.

The journey begins with one single step, followed by the next, then the next. With faith and courage, it is not necessary to know what lies beyond, only that it is a path that honours the song from your heart.

A passage can be hindered, or worse, not even begun, if one thinks too far ahead. So just take the first step, then the next, and allows the creativity of the journey to reveal itself in the best possible ways.

May your journey be blessed and may your eyes and heart be open enough to enjoy each single step along the way.