Perfection and Parrots

The sun is setting over the mountain as the day surrenders to the peaceful hour of dusk. In the distance a cow moos. The signs were clear that we were in for a scorcher of a day when awoken at sunrise to the cicadas already singing. And they were right. It was a hot one.

The joys of living on the land are plenty including the freedom to wear as little clothing as possible in such heat, without scaring the neighbours. Mind you, my neighbour turned up unexpectedly on his motorbike this morning so I threw something on, only to realise after he had gone that my top was on inside out. Never mind, it is hardly New York Fashion Week here on the farm.

Yesterday I was swimming in the waterhole, a short walk from the front door. It is shaded and private. The swim altered my day in a lovely, healthy way. There is nothing like being washed clean from a freshwater swim, especially if the day has been a scorcher. Arriving home from the waterhole, I found a parrot sitting on the verandah. We talked for a while. Or at least I talked and he angled his head from side to side, probably wondering ‘When is she going to shut up and just feed me?’

With every move there are new faces, places and sounds to discover. I am hearing familiar bird calls, yet some new ones too. There are some gorgeous sounds here, the purest of songs. One of the many beauties of this little valley is that it is also close to the coast. Yesterday it was a waterhole on the farm, today my swim was in the ocean. And while I am much more of a river girl, the amazing power of the ocean always shifts my energy immensely. It was a beautiful swim.

There is a mountain of a sand dune where I went and kids were sliding down it on their boogie boards. It was a huge task to walk back up, not dissimilar to climbing Mount Everest I imagine. But up and up they went before sliding down again. I am one very keen walker, as anyone who knows me well will testify. But I happily left them to it and wandered along the beach at an easier pace.

Home now on the farm where the heat has given way to the cool breeze of dusk. The sun has set and birds have flown to their trees for the evening. The last kookaburra has just said goodnight. Songs of the cicadas also fade off as a chorus of lullabies from the frog world begins. The rest of the world feels so far away at this moment.

It continues to amaze me how perfectly things unfold when we get out of the way. Everything I asked for is here including the waterhole. Even with my vivid imagination and the heart of a dreamer, I could not have designed this location more perfect myself.

It is great to be alive.

Yes indeed.