I continue to marvel at the natural wonders of the world we live in. At the top of my list of natural delights are rainbows. As an adult, thankfully I have lost none of my awe and wonder in seeing them.

While I am also blessed with rainbows when I am in a happy mood, I find that they appear most when I am in a hard space. I always take this as a sign of encouragement, reminding me that whatever it is will pass, that the sun will shine on my situation and the end result will be a joyous one.

I cannot count how many times in my life it has been the appearance of a rainbow that has carried me through some darkness and kept me strong enough to keep moving forward.

Of course, the best bonus is when you see a double rainbow, or a triple one. I saw so many as a child on the farm. Being out under a huge sky seems to help.

A couple of years ago, I did a six day walk with a wonderful group of people. We walked about eighty kilometers. One afternoon, after setting up camp, a storm surrounded us and swept by, leaving a double rainbow in its wake. It was absolutely magnificent, enhanced by the light of the late afternoon sun.

It continues to amaze me how a simple spectrum of light can deliver such joy to those who love them.

On a long bike ride in North Western Victoria a few years back, we saw six in one afternoon. You can get drunk on stuff like this! I did, almost fell off the back of the Harley. Well, not quite, but I was pretty blissful I must say.

Housesitting a farm about a decade ago, I was blessed with living on a mountain ridge, with full views of the sky from sunrise over the Pacific Ocean to sunset over Mount Warning, an old volcano in Northern NSW. I’d just messed up a job interview very badly and was heart broken, as I thought it was the answer to my dreams. And of course amidst the tears, out comes a beautiful rainbow, just for me. It was heaven. The next day, I made the decision to start going down the artist’s path and found myself selling my work at markets soon after.

My love of rainbows could not be forgotten in my songwriting either, with one of my songs called “Swinging from a Rainbow”. Can you imagine how great that would be? I highly suggest that next time you see a rainbow, if you are able to, lie back, look at it and imagine yourself swinging from up there. I tell you, it is as good as doing it……almost!

All of this brings me to something that happened a couple of days ago. After a beautiful swim, I was walking along the beach when a storm came over quickly from the ocean. I didn’t mind the rain, as I was still wet from my swim anyway. Everyone else on the beach felt the same. I saw no one run for cover, not that there was any nearby.

A rainbow moved across toward the beach also. And it landed on my feet. I swear! After the storm and rainbow had passed, I was rather elated.

It left me thinking, does this mean that I have a pot of gold coming or that I AM the pot of gold?! The philosopher in me then decided that as we draw all we want from within us anyway, then it must mean both. I can only say that I am indeed looking forward to seeing the results of this in tangible form!

There are many signs from nature that we can identify with and, as individuals, these will vary for us all. But if you need a positive sign on a hard day, don’t forget to look skyward. It is not always easy to spot rainbows from city streets, but they are happening all around us, and may be just the thing you need at a particular moment.

The rainbow is a great symbol of hope. It arrives through rain and storms, yet offers colour and light. Life is the same. There will be storms and there will be beautiful colour.

Never lose hope or sight of that, because when you least expect it, the colour will appear before you and give you the strength to carry on.

Messages arrive at the perfect time. So look upwards and onwards and be open to surprise, because none of us can determine when that rainbow will appear in our lives. But rest assured, appear it will.