Seasons and Cycles. Courage and Blessings.

Living in such a natural setting, I cannot help but move in time with the seasons. The climate is very different here to some other places I’ve lived, but still the seasonal changes are obvious. It is not so freezing as some winters elsewhere, but still cool enough for hats and coats at times. The days are perfect for walking over the hills through all sorts of nooks and crannies.

The lack of snakes when I am out walking is a sure sign that the nights are now too cool and they are away hibernating. Summer was rather frustrating for me in that regard, beautiful hills to climb but grass too long to see through and too inviting for poisonous snakes, hence my swimming then instead. (For the record though, I do like snakes. Watching them from a distance preferred!).

It is magnificent around here, green hills and valleys. One rise that I decided to venture up the other day left me with views so broad and beautiful that I couldn’t help but sit there for ages, at peace and smiling. What a nurturing gift nature is. Mind you, it did remind me a little of a time I was walking in the Italian Alps. Even if not quite so high, it was that steep and challenging. But I loved it.

A magpie sings in the gum tree nearest the house now, kookaburras laugh in the distance, the creek bubbles by with its own tune, frogs sing, a willy wag-tail chats away merrily to me from the fence and blue wrens fly about the lawn area looking for worms and insects. The day has been misty from the start and light intermittent rain comes and goes.

As a species I think that we have definitely lost touch with the seasons. Food is produced in unnatural environments, meaning we have foods available in seasons that are not in their natural time. This applies to almost all of the ‘fresh’ food we want. We do not move in time with the seasons at all.

Instead, we move in time with a man made calendar, dictating that ‘normal’ is a five day working week. Or we assume that the capacity of supply from the Earth, for all of our excessive desires, is always going to be there. Most people don’t grow their own food. It would help all of our species to get back to the natural seasons if more people did grow their own. I am sure that if most people had to kill their own animals for their meat supply, for example, they would turn vegetarian. Paul McCartney said once “If slaughterhouses had glass walls, we would all be vegetarian”. I tend to agree. But even growing vegies in the back yard gets us resonating more in time with the seasons and beautiful planet we live on.

Unfortunately, for way too many people, the only thing a change of seasons means is a change of fashion to warmer or cooler clothing, higher heating or cooling bills, and an inconvenience to their ‘normal’ lifestyle.

Years ago I realised that a Monday to Friday work existence was going to kill me. It certainly did a good job of almost doing that. Soul-destroying stuff. It was just not me. There are a huge number of people who cannot live this way. The lifestyles that the majority of these people create end up being much more free of the clock and the calendar, and more in time with their own guidance and with the seasons.

Just because someone says it can’t be done, doesn’t mean it can’t. We are free to choose our own lives and while it may be incredibly difficult to break free of old conditioning, facing our fears head-on, and creating a whole new lifestyle, the rewards are always worth it.

I used to work behind bullet-proof glass in a bank, Monday to Friday, nine to five. It was claustrophobic and awful, separating me from the lovely folks I was serving. I would see people having time off during the week and wonder how do they do that. So in an attempt to find out, I tried shift work, which sort of worked better for me. It gave me time off when the majority were not working. But the work I was doing was not satisfying my heart either.

Now I am a singer/songwriter and a writer, living from one leap of faith to the next. It is not always easy, but it is nowhere near as difficult as living a life untrue to myself. Having been there and done that I know. It is the pain that still lingers from so many years doing the wrong jobs that drives me forward as an artist. I am waiting on a miracle right now in fact. But knowing that I have the courage to take risks in order to share my gifts, and we all have gifts to share, brings rewards that can only be described as miracles. Like I say, I am waiting on one right now.

But when I sit here on the lounge outside and hear the light rain on the verandah, watching the natural world around me, I see that everything has a season and a purpose. The seasons unfold perfectly. Like the seasons, our own lives have cycles and the more we are able to move in time with them, the more smoothly things flow to us.

Courage is always rewarded. Even sitting here now, waiting on a miracle, I already feel rewarded.

There are all sorts of tears that can come when facing fears, taking risks and constantly leaping into the unknown, but today they are well and truly tears of gratitude and joy. I am blessed. We are all blessed. Just some haven’t quite realised it yet.

The happy colours of bright yellow winter flowers, that some may call weeds, are washed clean in the rain. And as I sit here writing this, a perfect sun shower passes over. ‘Sun Showers’ was the name I gave to my first album. And now as I write about blessings, I am given a sun shower. Oh yes! Life is beautiful. We just need to have our eyes open and the courage to honour our hearts.

So I say thank you to you for dropping by and sharing your time with me. And from this happy verandah, I send you warm wishes. May life continue to bless us all and more so, may we acknowledge and give thanks for those blessings.