The Invisible Man

The Invisible Man was a show on television in the mid 70’s. As a young girl, I used to love it.

I still think about the Invisible Man at times. For example, when I am on an open road with no cars in sight for miles and miles, and the outside lane merges in. If I merge in without indicating, I almost always apologise to the Invisible Man, in case he was in the other lane, in his invisible car of course, and I have made him have to swerve. He never honks though, so I guess he must be a fairly patient driver.

Over the years I have often imagined borrowing an invisible suit, though The Invisible Man was actually invisible and wore a visible suit. But have I provided myself with much mental entertainment in the process. This was possibly during times of unstimulating work, though I am not entirely sure that I can find any true, genuine excuse.

My desires during such mental escapades were varied. Looking after more than a million dollars in cash during some of my days in the banking game, the invisible suit idea certainly came to mind. But alas, I went on earning a dribbly bit of pay and disconnected from the actual value of this paper I handled. (You tend to do that in banking).

Naturally there have been ideas about spooking friends, or being like a fly on the wall during work or personal scenarios. And then when you didn’t agree about something that was said, you simply said ‘Rubbish‘ and freaked everyone out as they looked around for where the voice came from. A little mischief here and there can’t be a bad thing.

When I first started performing, I yearned for that invisible suit often, sometimes even mid-way through a song. Sorry folks, I just have to slip into my invisible suit here. A guitar exits the stage on its own.

Or if you are ever hassled by a road rage maniac, you just slip into your invisible suit and drive on. Then when they get beside you to yell abuse, they don’t know who to yell at and drive off totally bewildered, hopefully retiring from the road rage profession forever.

I am sure that I would be tempted to put the invisible suit to good use too. Like letting caged birds fly free, opening gates and removing animals who are suffering from cruelty, placing beautiful signs of encouragement about for people who need it or planting a soft kiss on the cheek of those I love.

But while the suit would definitely make all of this much easier, we can still be clever and bring good will to the world without being totally invisible. It only takes timing, a little bit of strategy, some courage and a little bit of mischief.

So if you’ve not done anything silly lately, or you’ve not done something kind for a while, start scheming and see what you can come up with. Leave little surprises about for people you love, or for strangers. It benefits all, those receiving from your actions and you because you have fun. And fun people are needed in this world. The more happy people we have in our human family, the more happiness the family has as a whole.

And don’t worry. If I ever see some invisible suits at a clearance sale, I’ll be sure to let you know.


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