Washed Anew

It is the most glorious morning here at the farm. The winter sun is warming me in its soothing, gentle way as I sit on the verandah to write. At this time of year, it is warmer outside than in. I prefer to use my outside desk at this time of day anyway.

After recent floods and storms in the area, life is getting back to normal for most people. Some roads are still in dire need of repair. A recent radio show that is broadcast all across the country asked listeners to phone in with their opinion of the worst roads in Australia. The road here got a few mentions apparently. It ranks highly even on a national scale.

Anyway, I’m not here to complain about roads. In a way, I don’t mind that they are bad. It slows us all down and makes us more present and cautious. The area is so magnificent in other ways that it is a small price to pay.

During the recent storms the usual flow of the little creek turned into a river, enforcing a house-bound life for five days. The photo shows why. We humans think we call the shots on this planet. But we are wrong. It is the Earth itself that determines the final word.

But like storms in the weather or emotionally, things are washed clean and fresh and the sun shines again. I find nature so symbolic of the lessons we all go through. It is indeed the greatest teacher, on all levels. There are times in life when it can seem so long ago that the sun shone brightly or for a decent period of time. It can feel so stormy and tumultuous, as life picks us up and forces us to look in a whole new direction.

I remember years ago when on the phone to a friend, I could hear people laughing in the background. At that time, life was feeling so incredibly serious and dark for me that I could hardly even recall what laughing felt like. Years on though, the sun is well and truly shining and I am reminded in the best possible way that the sun always comes back out again. Sometimes things just need to be washed clean, to be renewed, to begin again.

The creek is now a running stream, so low in parts I can jump over the crystal clear water. Grass grows and life returns to normal on the farm. Birds sing from almost every tree. The winter sun is shining so warmly that even those animals that are normally hibernating by now, namely snakes, are enjoying the sunshine – much to my undesired surprise when out walking yesterday!

Sometimes we just need life to throw us a storm, in order for us to truly benefit from the enjoyment of new beginnings. It is a glorious day here in the winter sun. Like every day, it is a new beginning.

Thanks for sharing the time friends.