Wishes In The Wind

I don’t know where the myth or idea came from telling us that if you make a wish while blowing dandelions into the wind, your wish will come true. As a result though, fuzzy flowers were blown to the wind in high numbers during my childhood, as in most people’s childhoods.

Being an adult hasn’t changed things that much. I still send my wishes on them sometimes. Catching up with an aunt a few years back, who I hadn’t seen in years, is a prime example. While her two dogs waited patiently by, the two of us blew our wishes to the wind with giggles and smiling faces.

Did those wishes come true? I don’t remember. I can’t even recall what I was wishing for now. But it was fun to blow them to the wind anyway. Often what you wish for though, as must have been the case with me that day, are just temporary longings.

Often, we feel we must have this or that to be happy. A prime example is the words spoken from a friend many years ago. She told me that she would finally be happy if she only owned some nice jewellery. Having gold hanging off her wrists and neck were the catalyst needed for her happiness, apparently. I laughed with her, despite her sincerity. Thankfully life threw enough lessons her way to see her shifting her priorities significantly over the years. She is a much happier (and nicer) person these days. And she still doesn’t own much jewellery.

Of course, as has been said by many before me, happiness comes before all of that. Rather than depend on events falling into place or things coming our way before we can be happy, it is when we find happiness within, regardless or outer circumstances that things flow our way.

Whilst chatting to an older friend recently about the delightful twists and turns life can throw us, even if usually not enjoyable at the time, he laughed with enthusiasm and said, ‘Yes! Thank God I didn’t get everything I wished for in my life. Thank God!’ Looking back, he could see how much more interesting and satisfying his life became, when he let go of the need to control the outcome. When his exact wishes weren’t met, life had better surprises in store for him.

By embracing the lessons and surrendering with trust that whatever is happening is for your best, life flows more naturally and generously to you. Of course, blowing your wishes to the wind is symbolic too and rituals do put energy into motion.

Sometimes though, the wishes will arrive in a different format or appearance to what you had imagined. But they are still your wishes granted. They will still bring your heart the feelings it is longing for, and more. It is your wish answered. But will you see it?

Often people don’t recognise it, because they are trying so hard to control the exact outcome. That need to control and say I want things exactly this way or that way only brings pain, resistance, and heartache, all of which are unnecessary. All that is necessary is surrender and trust. Of course, these take immense strength and times. But that is all that is needed. Surrender and trust.

What prompted this article is that over the last week or so, the fluffy heads of dandelions have been floating in the wind, right past my office window by the dozens. As they fly by, I wonder whose wishes they are carrying and how those wishes will manifest in the dreamer’s life. I also wonder if the dreamer who put his or her wishes out there will even recognise their wish in its manifested form, if it arrives looking differently to how they anticipated.

It also left me thinking about how far wishes travel to finally arrive at their perfect time. This is not the time that you dictate. It is the time that is perfect for the wish itself to arrive.

And if you’re wondering why your wish has not yet arrived, perhaps you are trying too hard to control the outcome. Or maybe it has arrived but in a form you don’t recognise, meaning you are going to let it slip right on by. Or perhaps, your wish is still in the wind and flying right past my window at this very moment, on its way to you.

So next time you blow a dandelion to the wind with your wish, allow the wish to find its own way back in its own time.

Allow it to reveal itself in its own perfect way.

And sooner or later you will find yourself delighted that it came in the form it did, not in the form you had originally wished for.

Your wishes are heard and in their own time, they will unfold.


With thanks to the person who took this photo. It was sent to me from a friend some time ago. If it is your photo, please contact me so I can put your name and rightful credit to it. Thank you.