Creating Your Regret-Free Life

A 6 week course to bloom into your best self.

Do you wake up each morning with regrets?

“I wish I’d done this or I wish I’d never done that”?

Perhaps it is a wish to have spent more time with somebody.

Or perhaps it’s the thought that there is always time, there’s always tomorrow to do what really makes your heart sing.

But what if there is no tomorrow, or tomorrow is only here for a short time?  What if tomorrow is too late?

How will you then feel, thinking of all the lost time, lost opportunities, lost friendships, lost joy?

Life doesn’t have to be so.  Imagine the lightness of reflecting on a life lived well, a life where courage was more powerful than fear, where you bloomed into your best self creating a life you are proud of, and where you know you have given it your absolute best, where you have inspired others by your own courageous example.

You have the opportunity today to value the time you have left and to live your best life.

This will be your biggest gift to yourself.
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I am proof of this.

Having witnessed the heart-wrenching pain and anguish dying people had through carrying regrets to their deathbed, I committed to never going down that road myself. As a result, I had to develop the tools to ensure I would not be holding my best self and my best life back in any way. These tools continue to help me ongoing because they work. Every day I make conscious choices based on avoiding regret and to living my most joyful life.

I am here to support you do the same.  I have created this course Creating Your Regret-Free Life - A 6 week course to bloom into your best self  for you. A course to help guide you through discovering your heart’s greatest desire, to live a life true to yourself.  A life free of regrets…as I have done and continue to do.

Together we will journey through the powerful lessons I had the honour of witnessing from dying people and how the wisdom of these regrets can ultimately shape a joyous life in which you value the time you have left.

My commitment to living a regret-free life has taught me the most powerful and painful lessons to enable me to live the life I do today.  Throughout the course I will be sharing my journey with you as well.  A journey which involves surrender, courage, trust, space and self care.


“Regardless of how much courage it can take to live true to your own path, it will never be as painful as lying on your deathbed with the regret of not having tried.”

How it works?

Each week you will receive a weekly video narrated by me.

Together we delve into each regret in more detail.  We look at the lessons within the regrets and how to use this knowledge to shape and transform your life to bloom into your best self.  Each video is supported by a worksheet, which will enable you to reflect and work through different areas within your life which may be holding you back.

You will also have access to a private Facebook community for support and sharing.

Course Modules:


My desire for you after this course is that you can know that every choice you make going forward will not be creating a regret. 

Let me support you as you invest in yourself to living a regret-free life.  My learning becomes your learning as you bloom into your best self. 

Join me now.

Only $450 

Course content available in English and German.  Simply select your language option in the membership portal.


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