all-inclusive weekend retreat amongst the beautiful redwoods of the Santa Cruz mountains, USA.

29 - 31 May, 2020




Join Bronnie to celebrate the sacredness of your life and self by being willing to let go of the old stories, dive deep into more authentic ones, and make the most meaning possible by honoring the call of your heart. Be guided step-by-step to:

  • Wake up to what you might not realize is demanding your attention right now
  • Practice tailored exercises for self-compassion over existing regrets
  • Gain tools to pivot and avoid creating any new regrets
  • Master any concerns over end-of-life resolutions to live life boldly and head-on
  • Increase joy purposefully as a daily habit, rather than a random experience.

This illuminating workshop combines interactive storytelling, written exercises, guided meditation, voluntary group discussion, journaling, and music to create a supportive environment for your deepest truths and desires to emerge.

Break through old patterning to fully align with the invaluable sacredness of your time and energy. Ground your life in an abundance of connection and the power of conscious intention. Return home with the practical insight to nurture a lighter spirit, clearer vision, and the real audacity to navigate your life into absolute joy, love, and fulfillment.


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Bronnie looks so forward to meeting and supporting you there!

Some feedback from audience members from Bronnie's past events:

"It was a fabulous, insightful, and empowering night. I am so looking forward to what I create through Bronnie’s wisdom. I loved it.""Such a wonderful, inspiring, heart-opening night to remember.""Enlightening.""Tonight's event was a very uplifting and joyous experience. Bronnie's enthusiasm for life and the sharing of her journey and the lessons learned by her was generous in the extreme.""Thank you for a beautiful evening filled with richness, hope and love.""Your kind and gentle spirit shone through and so did your genuineness and authenticity. Lots to think about today.""It such a lovely night and so inspiring. Bronnie's gentle energy in itself is a pleasure to experience.""I came away feeling so joyful. Your message really made a difference.""(I loved) the loving atmosphere, the story telling, the sense of community and Bronnie’s authentic voice.""Bronnie is a beautiful and engaging speaker.""Bronnie is sincere and made me feel part of something larger then myself. She has repeatedly helped me. Thank you for everything Bronnie.""(I loved) Bronnie’s authentic and honest way of speaking, the respectful interaction with and within the audience, and Bronnie’s humour.""So many lessons, love, and fun."
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'Never underestimate the power of real-life connection.'

Bronnie Ware



“Bronnie is a joy. She is also a gem. She is a courageous and authentic soul who fosters growth and insight in others in her gentle yet powerful ways. The world is blessed to have her and all of the care and light she brings.”

— Dr Libby

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