Private Mentoring with Bronnie

Are you ready to take your life to the next level?

Are you ready to commit to your best life possible?

Would you like to recognise the areas holding you back?

Do you wish to live (and die) free of the pain and anguish of regret?

Would you like to learn from Bronnie and work with her in a private session?

Now is your chance!

Bronnie offerS a very limited number of mentoring sessions.

One hour private session with Bronnie Ware (via Skype).

Learn from Bronnie's wisdom and strength as she focuses her time and energy on you, covering a topic of your choice.

This is your chance to untangle your thoughts and find clarity to move forward with.

You can ask your burning questions, learning from the experiences that have enabled Bronnie to create the incredible life she leads today. You can find answers to help you not only live your best life, but to do so with more joy. Or you can just chat, get to know Bronnie better, and enjoy where the conversation leads to support your heart.

Bronnie is an incredible listener, having learned through her years by the bedsides of dying people. With a loving heart, she asks the right questions to help shine light on areas in which you need change or support.

The focus is on you and how Bronnie can best serve you at this time in your life.

Once your booking is made and confirmed, a short questionnaire will be sent to you for completion prior to appointment.


Book In Now - Limited Spots

Pay only AUD $320