Write for Delight

The course for anyone who's ever wanted to write but thought they couldn't.

Your heart is calling you to write, but...

- there's a harsh inner critic is yelling, "You, a writer? What do you know about writing?"

- your inner perfectionist is terrified of failing

- you're scared of being judged. "What if nobody likes my writing?"

- you're overwhelmed by all the rules of writing

- you barely have time to put your feet up, let alone write!


If you can relate, this course is for you.

I've zero formal writing qualifications. YET I've published three books. They’ve been read by over a million people in 32 languages. I've been featured in The Guardian, The Sunday Times and Oprah Magazine.

It wouldn't have happened if I'd listened to my inner and outer critics. So, stop listening to yours and start writing.

Hi, I'm Bronnie Ware

I'm the internationally bestselling author of The Top Five Regrets of the Dying, and author of Your Year For Change , and Bloom.


Write for Delight

Discover the joy of writing with this self-paced 4-module course

WRITING COURSE with Bronnie Ware

This course will help you:

discover your inner storyteller – and find your authentic voice

overcome your fear of writing - and claim your right to write with delight

cultivate the courage to keep writing – regardless of what others say or think.

discover publishing options – and get a deeper understanding of which will work best for you

invest your sacred time into something you value

devote your brain space to creativity and seeing life differently

What's Included:

4 audio lessons – to kick start the writing process

Exercises to prompt you to get ideas out of your head and words onto the page

Resource List – for writing tips, tools and publishing options

Course Content

Finding your why and facing your fears

Laying the groundwork for great writing. Prepare to pick up your pen or make friends with the keyboard!

Writing for Fun and Delight

Get unstuck and start playing with words.

Improving you writing

Tips for building your skills and sustaining your effort.

Preparing to Publish

Tips for going it alone or getting help.

Your Investment

Your investment for this course is (USD) $79  and includes:

4 audio lessons – to kick start the writing process

Exercises that prompt you to get ideas out of your head and words onto the page

Resource List for writing tips, tools and publishing options

Ongoing access to the course including the all the audio modules, exercises and resource list

What students are saying about the course

"Bronnie will offer you compassionate support to grow your confidence to get words on the page. 

Through a series of exercises I was able to drop the judgement, and re-discover the joy of writing again! 

Bronnie's warm encouragement enabled me to write from a freer more authentic place! Thank you Bronnie. 

In the final module, she offers practical guidance on publication and marketing."

Cara – UK

Cara WFD 1
Georgia WFD 2

I loved Bronnie’s writing course. It was beautifully simple and easy to work through, which was a HUGE plus for me. So many times, I’ve found a thousand reasons or more to not complete on online course but there’s something different with this writing course of Bronnie’s. It could be the gentle and kind approach, or the fact that it’s oh-so-doable but mostly, I felt it addressed all of my fears and the things that have held me back from writing, in a kind and understanding way. Even though this course is online and there is no actual in-person interaction, I feel that Bronnie is gently guiding and cheering you on from the sideline. 

Georgia - Australia

Bronnie Ware Writing Course

And others:


"I can't believe I'm writing at last!"


"You've helped me give myself permission to write."


"I've finally silenced the critic in me. The exercises are fun and I have learned so much."