Tara Branch Interview

Bronnie shares a heart-opening conversation with Tara Brach PhD.

Subjects covered include:

Finding peace in amongst political gatherings

How a longing for self-acceptance blended with a call to wake the world to consciousness

Tara’s fascination with the interaction of psychology and spiritual practice to heal

How it is our heart’s deep longing to be free that calls us to learn how to quieten our mind

The sacred art of pausing

Making this moment matter as much as any moment in our whole life

What is the most important thing

How presence is not always instantly peaceful

The possibility to wake up through this global crisis

How widening compassion creates belonging

The gift of being a mirror of goodness

Self-compassion being the entry to all healing

Tara Brach, PhD, has been teaching meditation since 1975, as well as leading workshops and meditation retreats at centers throughout North America and Europe. She has a PhD in clinical psychology, is the founder of the Insight Meditation Community of Washington (IMCW) and the author of Radical Acceptance (2003),True Refuge (2012) and Radical Compassion (2019). Along with her colleague Jack Kornfield, Tara offers a certification program for mindfulness teachers with participants from over 50 countries. Tara’s weekly podcasts of talks and meditations are downloaded over 2.5 million times each month. For more, visit