Matching my nature photos with inspiring quotes that I'd written was how my creative journey began, in 1996 by the Swan River in Perth, Western Australia.

My quotes have continued to inspire audiences ever since and are shared and re-quoted every day on social media and other streams.

It is with delight I share this range of designs with you, to inspire you on a daily basis in your own home, without the need to log-on to technology.

Bright cozy living room interior with large window, white empty poster on the wall, sideboard and chair on oak wooden parquet floor. Minimalist Scandinavian design. Mock up. 3d rendering

The Top Five Regrets of the Dying empowers people all over the world, year after year, from old to young, including re-inspiring those who have read the book, even countless times!

So, we are delighted to share some gorgeous designs of those too.

And for those who love to just look at photos without words, we have a small range of images-only available for you. Each is named in a way to inspire without an accompanying quote.

landscape frame mockup in cozy interior living room

Rather than tell you how you should have your choice printed, we let you decide.

Whether on paper, canvas or as a fine-art print, the choice is yours. You may even like your chai mug to inspire you with one of the designs! So, they are all sold as digital downloads for you to print in whichever way will suit your home or life.

Of course, each is covered by strict copyright laws so you can't go "whoopee" and open a store of them in a range of formats! But you can certainly choose the format that will work best for you and your personal taste.

Sometimes we know what we know, but need a gentle reminder. We all get off-track.

Reading a simple sentence that resonates with our hearts is often all we need to return to our own wisdom and capabilities, to get back to focusing on what is truly important, and letting go of fears the human mind creates.

This range has been created to remind you of what you already know but may occasionally need to remember.

It is also here to bring more beauty into your world.

Print 1

Of course, the prints make heart-warming gifts too. Perhaps for a dear friend who needs a lift, a weary family member, or if you're feeling a bit low yourself.

Perhaps for no reason at all, except you deserve it.

It is my honour and delight to serve you with this range of inspiration.