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You don’t have forever to honour your dreams. But you do have now.


Is the direction you’re currently heading in honouring the song of your heart?

Is there more joy in your life than regret or fear of creating it?

If yes, congratulations! It takes a lot of courage, focus, surrender and self-kindness to reach such a place. And the whole world benefits from this. So, for all the ripples your courage has already created, thank you.

If you are not there yet, it is not too late. It really isn’t. You’re here now and I'm here to help.

Hi, I’m Bronnie and I'm honoured by your visit. Welcome!


I am best known as the author of the international bestselling memoir The Top Five Regrets of the Dying. More than that, I am deeply committed to regret-free living in my own life and am reaping the rewards of such effort.

Through action, conscious choice and courage, I now live with depths of peace I'd once thought could exist, but never really believed I'd know. I am also deeply passionate about supporting others to experience the same.


But this isn’t a spiel about life only being joyful and wonderful and amazing every single minute of the day. That wouldn’t be honest. Life is not like that.

It is full of contrasts as we’re all called to grow and expand our concepts and understanding of this journey we share.

Life can be raw, heart-wrenching, awful, dark, frightening and confusing. It can crack us open in the hardest ways.


Through my own journey I've learned that you can’t control everything that will come your way, but you can certainly control how you react to it. And you can become free of regrets.

It takes courage, on all levels. On levels you may not even know exist yet. It also takes an immense amount of healing and self-kindness.

But it also brings more joy and wonder. True joy in day-to-day living, not just on your once-in-a-lifetime tropical holiday under the swaying palm trees. Delight in daily life becomes a much stronger habit than fear.


Having sat by the bedsides of the terminally ill for several years, I was repeatedly exposed to the heartbreaking pain and anguish of dying with regret. It taught me just how powerful courage and choice actually are. And how much despair and regret comes from not exercising them to the fullest.

As a result, a deep commitment to living with as much presence as possible shapes every decision I make. This includes being free of regrets and self-judgment, with a deep level of loving kindness towards myself and others. It also means finding the courage to surrender when life puts up stop signs and points me in new and unexpected directions. Because life does that. To me. To you. To all of us.


My teachings on courage and regret-free living have supported millions of people worldwide and can help you too. They are shared through my three books, my audio program Regret-Free and Loving It, speaking engagements, my music, quotes, articles and videos, and the monthly newsletter.

We're all in this together. We need you to rise up. It is my honour to support you in doing that.


It is also possible to create a life free of regrets in the process.  And that is my wish for you.

Your time on the planet is sacred.

You are worthy of joy and fulfilment.



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'Bronnie’s work is a gift to the world. Her revelations on living regret-free are a continued source of inspiration. They fuel me to stay focused on what truly matters most.'

-Marie Forleo

From Bronnie -

Please accept this offering of the lessons that have shaped my life most powerfully so far. It is with heartfelt hope they may assist your journey too:

The only formula that works long-term is to follow your own heart.

Space is medicine.

There is awe to be found in presence, regardless of apparent circumstances.

Facing our own inevitable death is a fabulous tool for joy-filled living.

Self-love is essential to truly serve others well.

Our lessons are given to us from a place of love, to bring us into our best self.

Compassion is the best response to assumptions or criticism.

Simplicity brings joy.

Our magnificent planet is our greatest teacher.

Faith manifests dreams much more powerfully than logic.

Courage is always rewarded.

The greatest appreciation we can show for our life is to enjoy it as fully as possible.

Bronnie lives in northern New South Wales, Australia. Her favourite role is as a mother. Her favourite teacher is nature. She also loves swimming, nature photography, bike riding, real-life conversations, and waking every day to the songs of the birds.

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'Give yourself permission to truly enjoy your life.'

Bronnie Ware

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