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Thank you for your interest in Bronnie's message and work.

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If you wish to use any of Bronnie’s work, including the Five Regrets, as content for speaking presentations, public events, online programs or in any income-generating product (excluding books, which are listed further below), permission is not granted. You may refer to one of the regrets without our permission, providing you quote Bronnie’s name, but you may not use more than one.

If you wish to use any of Bronnie’s work, including the Five Regrets, for your blog or magazine, please include a link to your website or organisation in your email (via the Contact page). We wish to support you, but cannot guarantee permission if your request arrives with a deadline of only days or hours. We will reply as soon as possible, but please allow 14 days to be sure.

If you wish to use any of Bronnie’s work excluding the Five Regrets in your own book, please include a link to your website with information about your book in your email (via the Contact page). We will reply within 14 days. You may not publish your book using Bronnie's content without our permission.

If you wish to use the Five Regrets or part thereof in your own book, please contact the nearest Hay House office to your region. Permission is not given from this office.

It is illegal to use Bronnie’s work without permission.



Bronnie loves sharing her life-changing teachings on courage and regret-free living by speaking at both public and private events.

More information is available on the Speaking page.


Interview Requests:

While Bronnie loves connecting through quality interviews, we are only able to say yes to a percentage of the requests received. Either way, we will reply as soon as we can.

Please include a link to your website/organisation and social media pages in your email (via the Contact page). If it's a podcast interview request, also let us know how long your show has been running, the length of the interview and any other expectations.

On all accounts state whether you are seeking a voice only, video or email interview.

(Refer further down the page for online summits.)


Personal Advice:

Bronnie does not offer personal advice or opinion by email.


Brand Representation: On rare occasions, Bronnie has represented a brand for a specific project, providing the brand and product are aligned with her values. Please email (via the Contact page) with details of your proposal.


Guest Posts: Bronnie does not require guest posts or articles for her website.


Five Regrets Movie:

The movie for the Five Regrets has been optioned to Enigma Film. For movie related business please email Fritjof Hohagen.


Summit/Online Events:

Bronnie rarely participates in affiliate online summits, but we wish you a very successful and enjoyable event.


Personal Mail:

We cannot usually respond to personal mail received, as Bronnie and her team always tried to do in the past. We wish we could, but there is only so much we can do while also being committed to presence and regret-free living ourselves.

Instead, we focus on serving you in the best ways possible, including allowing Bronnie space to create.

All loving mail is still forwarded to Bronnie and read when her time is right. She values your contact and deeply appreciates you sharing with her.

Bronnie does not offer personal advice or opinion by email.


Testimonials/Book Gifts:

Unless you have met Bronnie at an event and she has offered to assist with a testimonial or she has reached out to you personally with her support, she is unable to assist due to other commitments. Please do not send in your book or a PDF on the assumption Bronnie will read it.

If you were hoping to send Bronnie your book as a gift, thank you, but please use it for other purposes. Bronnie likes an uncluttered lifestyle, which includes no excess belongings.

Her cherished reading time is given to books of her own choosing from her long wish-list, especially historical fiction.



Bronnie appreciates your loving intention to offer advice for Rheumatoid Arthritis, but we ask that unless you have fully read her book Bloom, please refrain from doing so.

Bronnie has embarked on extensive learning of numerous modalities. She has a deep understanding of her body and its needs.

We all have different paths to walk and different ways to heal. It is also for this reason that Bronnie does not offer individual advice. We recommend reading Bloom to possibly understand your own health journey better.

If you have read Bloom fully and still feel called to share, you are welcome to email us (via the Contact page).

The book Bronnie mentions in a personal healing episode in The Top Five Regrets of the Dying is 'Cell Level Healing' by Joyce Whiteley Hawkes.


Social Media:

While no formal business is done on social media, Bronnie does interact when possible on Facebook and Instagram. Read Bronnie's inspiring quotes on Facebook or enjoy her thoughts combined with her own nature photos on Instagram.

She also corresponds more personally to those on her mailing list, through her well-loved monthly newsletter.



Depending on the nature of your email, we will endeavour to reply as soon as we can, providing the subject matter does not fall into one of the above categories not requesting further contact.


Thank you for your time in reading this page to have your question answered. In doing so, you have enabled us to focus on supporting Bronnie best in other ways.

Kind Regards,

Team Bronnie.


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