Hear your heart calling you

to bloom into your best self?

“A story of transformation, courage, and inspiration. I highly recommend this book to everyone to read, and not only those who are going through challenges.”

— Anita Moorjani, New York Times best-selling author of Dying to Be Me and What If This Is Heaven?


A Tale of Courage, Surrender and Breaking Through Upper Limits

When youre in the thick of one of lifes biggest lessons, it isn’t easy to trust in its purpose. To find a hidden blessing is often impossible, even if you had the energy to try. So life teaches you presence instead, and that creates more space. When we have more space, the blessings begin to reveal themselves, subtly at first but always with love.

Bloom is a deeply personal and inspiring memoir reminding you that whether your lessons arrive through illness, trauma or any other unexpected upheaval, life loves you so much more than you know. By learning to surrender into the lessons, life is then able to bestow the blessings awaiting you.



'It only takes a moment for a miracle.'

—Bronnie Ware


Why I wrote Bloom

I didn’t anticipate writing a second memoir after The Top 5 Regrets of the Dying—especially while suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis. The disease crippled me; I couldn’t walk. I also resisted trialling pharmaceutical meds. I didn’t want to subject my body to foreign chemicals, unlikely to resolve the disease. In addition to my condition, I navigated life with a new baby as a single mum. Life was ridiculously hard.

Writing Bloom was a continuous lesson in surrender. I didn't want to share these very vulnerable moments of my life. I resisted sharing on such a deep level, especially since the lessons were so in my face. But my process of opening up and being honest with myself (and future readers) was healing.

In time, I found the courage to confront my upper limits and surrender to lifes blessings. My determination to find gratitude every step of the way is how I learned to bloom in a field of formidable challenges.

Bronnie Beach


'With life throwing such an enormous curveball my way, it was actually throwing me a loving call home— a call that offered me the opportunity to grow more into who I was truly meant to be.'

— Bronnie Ware, Bloom


How it may help you

Bloom takes surrender to a whole new level. It supports you to realise that life knows your needs better than you may think. If you struggle to trust your life's flow and timing, the wisdom shared helps you develop an appreciation for the challenges.

In Bloom, I share my journey through disease, longing, searching for home, and mostly, the discovery of self-worth, ease and joy on levels I never knew possible. I share it so that you may find it too.

Uncover the freedom that exists when you open yourself up to life.

Find the lessons hidden in your experiences.

Learn to release resistance, connect with love, and return to your most joyful self.

This book encourages your heart to Bloom.

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'Having the peace and confidence to be you without influence from others is the greatest gift of all'

Bronnie Ware - Bloom

Grab your copy of BLOOM from your favourite bookseller below.