I offer keynote speeches for both public and private events to support your audience in:


  • Breaking through to new levels of courage
  • Showing up with increased presence and gratitude
  • Moving forward free of regrets, and
  • Daring to allow more joy to flow.


My keynote presentations access the heart deeply and will leave your audience feeling kinder towards themselves and with increased courage and connection.


I also enjoy online Q&A events and offer private consulting, both online and in-person.



Bronnie Ware Speaker

Please note: For international events, my fee includes two business-class return airfares from Australia. This is in addition to your investment in my presentation.


Audience feedback:


It was a fabulous, insightful, and empowering night. I am so looking forward to what I create through Bronnie’s wisdom. I loved it.


Such a wonderful, inspiring, heart-opening night to remember.


Tonight's event was a very uplifting and joyous experience. Bronnie's enthusiasm for life and the sharing of her journey and the lessons learned by her was generous in the extreme.


Your kind and gentle spirit shone through and so did your genuineness and authenticity. Lots to think about today.


Thank you for a beautiful evening filled with richness, hope and love.


Absolutely enlightening.







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More audience feedback:


It was such a lovely night and so inspiring. Bronnie's gentle energy in itself is a pleasure to experience.


I came away feeling so joyful. Your message really made a difference.


I loved the storytelling, the loving atmosphere, the sense of community and Bronnie’s authentic voice.


Bronnie is a beautiful and engaging speaker.


Bronnie is sincere and made me feel part of something larger then myself. She has repeatedly helped me. Thank you for everything Bronnie.


I loved Bronnie’s authentic and honest way of speaking, the respectful interaction with and within the audience, and Bronnie’s humour.


So many lessons, love, and fun.


Inspiration from Bronnie's

TEDx talk!



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