Some feedback on the vlog so far:

Wow, that is absolutely gorgeous. Loved the moving photography and all the crystal clear images.

Your vlogs are just beautiful!!!

Thank you Bronnie for showing us courage.

Your voice, your words, your stories, the vision and the music. Beautifully put together.

Thank you for sharing your ‘moving photography’, wise words of wisdom and comfort.

Your pictures and words are so amazing.

Wow!  Achingly beautiful, tenderly intimate.

Magical video … so beautiful and heartfelt. I could look and listen to this again and again.

Thanks, Bronnie, for once again managing to touch me deeply and reminding me of the essentials.

The photography is amazing.

A fantastic piece and I learn so much from your openness and willingness to share your story.

Your videos relax me so much.

I love to see your smile, hear your words, and watch Australia's beautiful nature, thank you, Bronnie!

With such candid wisdom and honest beauty, your message is a soothing balm for our hearts.

What a wonderful, WONDERFUL vlog! Thank you so much.

Real food for the soul.

Your vlogs always bring a smile to my face and heart!

I can't wait for the next one!

These are incredible, inspirational, beautiful vlogs.

20. Goodbye for Now

20. Goodbye for Now

Coming Soon




19. Nurturing the Soul

19. Nurturing the Soul

Real-life connection is far more powerful than we often realise. It is an innate human need. After a healthy dose of such times, connecting with funny and wise women, it was also time for real-life connection with nature through the macro world of my own neighbourhood. Never underestimate what a hug or a little time gardening can do for lifting the soul. Welcome to Episode 19.

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18. No Shame in Imperfection

18. No Shame in Imperfection

Life in the high country continues, with gentleness and acceptance. I am reminded of how much life gives us what we need, not always what we want. I also share my concept of success, which includes accepting our humanity as the dear, imperfect beings we are. Welcome to Episode 18.

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17: High Country or High Tea

17. High Country or High Tea?

I’ve let go into trusting the timing of the house build and am getting on with life while refining my choices. Every time we visit the land our connection with it deepens. But that’s my dream, and one of my daughter’s dreams was very different. So this vlog honoured us both and looks at the contrast of dreams and the importance of moments. Welcome to Episode 17.

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16. Choosing Ease Over Force

16. Choosing Ease Over Force

It’s easy when a dream finally appears possible to rush into it. But I’ve found that anything forced is robbed of the pleasure of its unfolding. This has been a time of surrender, of choice to maintain ease despite all I’ve embarked upon and all I wish for. I hope it will help you make gentle choices for yourself too. Welcome to Episode 16.

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It only took 22 Years

15. It Only Took 22 Years

Sometimes a seed is planted when you don’t even realise it. Your mind connects to something just briefly, then you let it go, not knowing that your future has just been massively influenced by that moment. It took 22 years for such a tiny seed of a moment to become reality but, gosh, it has bloomed! Welcome to Episode 15.

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The Adventure Begins

14. A New Beginning

The land is now ours and the adventure truly begins. I am starting to feel alive in a whole new way. Good things take time and this dream will evolve, but starting to discover it is a fabulous first step. Welcome to Episode 14.

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The Transition

13. The Transition

Life rarely steps from one chapter directly into another. There is often a period of transition. As we leave the coast behind for country life, small shifts become powerful in their pleasure and support. Welcome to Episode 13.

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12. A Chapter Closes

12. A Chapter Closes

A leap of faith pays off, thank goodness! Life then quickened as a very special chapter closed. Welcome to Episode 12. 

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11. The Seed of a Dream Sprouts

It can take decades to see a dream unfold, but when the timing is right, it can arrive in what seems like an instant. One of my biggest dreams is beginning to reveal itself and I’m so excited to share its unfolding with you. I hope it inspires your own dreams because sometimes, dreams really do come true. Welcome to Episode 11.

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How to make Chai

How to Make Chai

The creation of a perfect cup of chai is good for the soul. It is a time to pause and allow the sense of smell to awaken as the spices brew, and the taste buds to delight as you sip. This is how I make chai, in a way that is good for the soul. 

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