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6. The Refuge of Home and Mates

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5. Just Don’t Talk About Sex

Reflections on turning points in my career and a surprise visit from my mother may sound like an unusual blend for a vlog. But here it is, weaving a cheerful tale. Welcome to Episode 5.

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Travel and Heartache

4. Travel and Heartache

It was a simple trip out west, leaving the coast and greenery behind for rural Australia. It turned into a reminder of how life is always a blend of dark and light. Welcome to Episode 4.

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3. One of my longest love affairs

The sky has always been a part of me, even when I didn’t know it. Today’s episode shares the back story on this love affair, with photos from my youth and along the way. It’s my favourite episode so far. I hope you enjoy it. Welcome to Episode 3.

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2. Choice and Chai

Very rarely does life unfold as we expect. A sunny day turns out to have gale force winds, plans for health are thrown out the window with unexpected lessons through the mysteries of the body, and all sorts of other things. But we always have choice on how we approach it all. If not, there’s always chai. Welcome to Episode 2.

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1. Why I Started a Vlog

When we dare to create space and let go with curiosity and trust, it can be fabulous and surprising where ideas and inspiration lead. Here I am, taking a break from the expected path of an internationally successful author to become a beginner again, this time with vlogging. Life is more exciting when we challenge ourselves creatively! Welcome to Episode 1. I hope you enjoy it.

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What's Next?

You could hope that life will change on its own – and try to read/affirm/pray your way to a better one . . .
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