Some feedback on the vlog so far:

Wow, that is absolutely gorgeous. Loved the moving photography and all the crystal clear images.

Your vlogs are just beautiful!!!

Thank you Bronnie for showing us courage.

Your voice, your words, your stories, the vision and the music. Beautifully put together.

Thank you for sharing your ‘moving photography’, wise words of wisdom and comfort.

Your pictures and words are so amazing.

Wow!  Achingly beautiful, tenderly intimate.

Magical video … so beautiful and heartfelt. I could look and listen to this again and again.

Thanks, Bronnie, for once again managing to touch me deeply and reminding me of the essentials.

The photography is amazing.

A fantastic piece and I learn so much from your openness and willingness to share your story.

Your videos relax me so much.

I love to see your smile, hear your words, and watch Australia's beautiful nature, thank you, Bronnie!

With such candid wisdom and honest beauty, your message is a soothing balm for our hearts.

What a wonderful, WONDERFUL vlog! Thank you so much.

Real food for the soul.

Your vlogs always bring a smile to my face and heart!

I can't wait for the next one!

These are incredible, inspirational, beautiful vlogs.

20. Goodbye for Now

20. Goodbye for Now

Coming Soon




10. The Dance of Surrender and Hope

10. The Dance of Surrender and Hope

A time of reflection on the vlog’s journey so far, a couple of lovely friends for you to meet, and thoughts inspired by big changes about to unfold in my world. Welcome to Episode 10.

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Outback Road Trip - Part 2

9. Outback Road Trip – Part 2

Despite the return trip being via a similar route to Broken Hill, the two trips are different experiences entirely. A couple of very friendly kangaroos are an added bonus. And of course, some inspirational thoughts are always shared.

View Here
Outback Roadtrip Part 1

8. Outback Road Trip – Part 1

When you’re parenting solo and an opportunity for some time off arises unexpectedly, you tend to make the most of it! With only two weeks of planning, I hit the road from the coast to the outback of Australia. It’s not all long roads and gorgeous, big skies, though there is plenty of that. Philosophies and inspiration are also shared along the way. Come join me for the trip and…

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7. Don’t Photoshop my Freckles

Large achievements can seem small to others. Small moments can seem big (because they really are). A road trip, a photoshoot, momentous bike rides, freckles, and a dog who needed to be in every photo all combine to give you Episode 7. Welcome. (Driving through floodwaters: Don’t do it! The only reason I did in this video is because the owner of the property had driven us through beforehand and…

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6. The Refuge of Home and Mates

With rain pouring down, I am reminded of a joy in my home that many take for granted. My friend, Chara, and I also share thoughts on the importance of tuning into ourself. Welcome to Episode 6.

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5. Just Don’t Talk About Sex

Reflections on turning points in my career and a surprise visit from my mother may sound like an unusual blend for a vlog. But here it is, weaving a cheerful tale. Welcome to Episode 5.

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Travel and Heartache

4. Travel and Heartache

It was a simple trip out west, leaving the coast and greenery behind for rural Australia. It turned into a reminder of how life is always a blend of dark and light. Welcome to Episode 4.

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3. One of my longest love affairs

The sky has always been a part of me, even when I didn’t know it. Today’s episode shares the back story on this love affair, with photos from my youth and along the way. It’s my favourite episode so far. I hope you enjoy it. Welcome to Episode 3.

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2. Choice and Chai

Very rarely does life unfold as we expect. A sunny day turns out to have gale force winds, plans for health are thrown out the window with unexpected lessons through the mysteries of the body, and all sorts of other things. But we always have choice on how we approach it all. If not, there’s always chai. Welcome to Episode 2.

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1. Why I Started a Vlog

When we dare to create space and let go with curiosity and trust, it can be fabulous and surprising where ideas and inspiration lead. Here I am, taking a break from the expected path of an internationally successful author to become a beginner again, this time with vlogging. Life is more exciting when we challenge ourselves creatively! Welcome to Episode 1. I hope you enjoy it.

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