Surrendering into the Uncertainty

During this time of Covid-19 it can be challenging to navigate life, when you don’t know where you stand from one day to the next. This video is to support you in that, not just during this global shift but through any uncertainty life may deliver you. You cannot always control what comes your way. But you always have a choice in how you respond. To learn more about the…

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Positivity in the Time of the Coronavirus

We are in a time of massive global awakening. It’s not pretty. Upheaval never is. And while we will rise from this together, in time, it can take a lot of strength to rise above all the media noise in the meantime. Rather than get bogged down in all the fear, here are some short tales about positive things that have arisen from this time of the Coronavirus.

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The Story of Five Regrets

Please make yourself a cuppa, put your feet up and listen to an inspiring tale! While it is the story of the journey 5 Regrets from the very beginning to where it is now, it is also an important reminder of how important trusting in each step is for your own life. It is a half hour investment of your time. Your heart and dreams deserve that. Life hears your…

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Mindfulness with Technology

In a world where every fabric of our lives can be represented, advised, misinformed, or enticed by technology, it takes courage to live from grounded, self-influenced decisions and actions instead. Technology is a fabulous tool. It can also be a destructive one. It connects you to worlds you may have never known of otherwise while disconnecting you from your own guidance and real-life relationships. Choosing to view the usefulness of…

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Five Ways to Create a Miracle

At some point in everyone’s life, there comes a time when a miracle would come in handy. Everyone is stretched beyond his or her comfort zone. Every person is offered lessons to break free from his or her conditioned beliefs. Life wants you to stop wasting your energy and creating unnecessary suffering for yourself by trying to control how things should turn out. Life has better things in store for…

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Books I Love

A common email we’ve received at my office over the years is for book recommendations. So it has been my pleasure to collate this list for you. You may notice there is no book mentioned on meditation. The technique I have practiced for many years can only be taught in person. Please visit the Vipassana Meditation global website for more information. We have all walked different paths and see life…

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Five Things I Have Learned Since Five Regrets

It is now five years since my book, The Top Five Regrets of the Dying, was published internationally. So with a theme of five, here are five things I’ve learned since Five Regrets: five things I have lived by and that I share with you in detail in my newest memoir, Bloom. 1. Courage is the greatest tool for bringing our dreams into reality. When I wrote my memoir The Top Five Regrets of the…

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Seven Ways To Create Space

Space. Having it, creating it, and acknowledging it are essential for our wellbeing: Space to be and to live without demands for a pocket of time. Space can actually be the glue that holds us together. It is where the magic happens, when we let go of doing and actually give ourselves space to breathe. Here are seven ways to create space when there are so many demands on our…

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With mother’s day being this weekend in Australia (and in some other parts of the world), I write to celebrate mothers worldwide. This photo represents a part of my own experience of motherhood. There is also my role as a mother myself now, to my beautiful young daughter, Elena. But this photo represents the generations who have taught me since my own birth about motherhood and the power of the…

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Enjoy Life

None of us are immune from witnessing change in our own lives or in the lives of others. Change is constant. We make it easiest on ourselves by accepting that fact. Our ability in letting go of the need for control, giving up the insistence that things have to be a certain way, is a courageous gift of freedom. It is also a gift of love and gratitude. By surrendering…

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