This week I share my song Timing and the story behind writing it. This theme seemed especially fitting to do, following last week’s vlog about staying on course. (You can view it here if you missed it). I’ve very much enjoyed sharing this story and hope that Timing helps you to have faith in the process, to trust in the divine timing of readiness, and remind you not to force…

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Staying on course when you feel like giving up

Question from Lisa (USA): How do you keep going when you feel like giving up? Are you weary during this strange global shift we’re in? Are you finding it hard to keep going sometimes? In this week’s video I am answering Lisa’s question about how to keep going, and sharing my own past experience of tirelessly putting in the hard work yet feeling like I wasn’t getting anywhere. We’ve all…

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Let It Come Through

In this week’s video I’m sharing my favourite song and its backstory. I wrote it while going through a tough old time. It’s about the importance of learning to get out of your own way. This can take a lot of courage but ultimately leads to a happier life, one that is kind to your heart and brings joy. I hope Let it Come Through reminds you that there is…

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What Happens When We Pause

What happens when we pause, or surrender to an opportunity to pause when it’s presented to us? Pausing is so good for us but it also takes courage and patience. A pause allows us to tune into our heart, and listen carefully to what it is telling us. A pause can provide clarity but is also an act of self-kindness – slowing things down and allowing ourselves to be. As…

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14 years to become an overnight success Bronnie Ware

14 Years to Become an Overnight Success

(12 minutes reading time) They say it takes ten years. Yes, ten years of effort and commitment until such an event happens that you’re considered an overnight success. For me it took fourteen. Those years began with me getting up well before sunrise and driving to markets to sell my nature photos, with accompanying inspirational quotes I’d written. This was before the Internet arrived. So, you took your work to…

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Tara Branch Interview

Belonging Through Compassion

Bronnie shares a heart-opening conversation with Tara Brach PhD. Subjects covered include: Finding peace in amongst political gatherings How a longing for self-acceptance blended with a call to wake the world to consciousness Tara’s fascination with the interaction of psychology and spiritual practice to heal How it is our heart’s deep longing to be free that calls us to learn how to quieten our mind The sacred art of pausing…

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Deep Healing

The work of Dr Emmett Miller has had a profound effect on my own journey with disease. His teachings helped me to relax deeply, to truly relax deeply, so my body could feel safe to get on with healing. Both his book and guided meditations have been catalysts for some major breakthroughs in my levels of healing, self-kindness and joy. I recently had the pleasure of chatting with him. I…

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The Role of Kindness in Survival

I enjoyed an inspiring and fascinating conversation with Dr David Hamilton and am delighted to share it with you here. The conversation includes: How surrendering into an impulse took him from lab research to the author’s path. Linking science and mathematics with spirituality The big leap we are currently in globally The role of the placebo effect and its relation to every day life How we’re genetically wired for kindness…

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Surrendering into the Uncertainty

During this time of Covid-19 it can be challenging to navigate life, when you don’t know where you stand from one day to the next. This video is to support you in that, not just during this global shift but through any uncertainty life may deliver you. You cannot always control what comes your way. But you always have a choice in how you respond. To learn more about the…

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The Story of Five Regrets

Please make yourself a cuppa, put your feet up and listen to an inspiring tale! While it is the story of the journey 5 Regrets from the very beginning to where it is now, it is also an important reminder of how important trusting in each step is for your own life. It is a half hour investment of your time. Your heart and dreams deserve that. Life hears your…

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