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From 25 Rejections to a Million Readers

Essential Tips for Budding Authors

From 25 Rejections to a Million Readers addresses important questions that budding authors often ask themselves instead of actually writing their books.

Which is the best publishing option? How will you share your book with the world once it’s written? Where do you even start? The amount you don’t know can sometimes seem daunting and leave the dream feeling unrealistic.

Having published independently and traditionally, enjoying the global success of foreign translations and movie rights sold, Bronnie Ware offers unique insights to support your writing dreams. She also answers questions you might not yet know to ask.

From publishing options to wisdom gained through mistakes, from writing tips to marketing insights, this short read will save you hours of wondering. It will also remind you of the dream inside: to write your book and see it venture out into the world. It’s a much better vision than living with the regret of not having tried.



"The only difference between bringing your book into reality or not is the willingness to surrender the excuses and to exercise courage."

—Bronnie Ware


Why I wrote this book

Too often I hear people who are yearning to write a book of their own listing their excuses instead.

Excuses are fears that only lead to regrets, but I understand. It can all seem too daunting when you don't even know where to begin.

With over a decade of publishing experience behind me and making my living as an author, it was time to ease those fears for budding authors.

This is the book I wish I'd had when I was wondering how to write and publish my first book all those years ago. I would have felt much less alone through the process.

It is a small yet powerful book, written to hold the hand of those who dare to share their expression with the world through writing.

A Million Readers

You can buy it as a paperback through your local neighbourhood store.

Just ask them to order it in for you (via Ingram, ISBN 9780645 935103). It helps to keep them in business.

It is also available as a paperback through Amazon.

If you prefer the eBook version, you will find it with all major retailers, including via the links below.