None of us are immune from witnessing change in our own lives or in the lives of others. Change is constant. We make it easiest on ourselves by accepting that fact. Our ability in letting go of the need for control, giving up the insistence that things have to be a certain way, is a courageous gift of freedom.

It is also a gift of love and gratitude. By surrendering to life, accepting that change is a natural part of the flow, we learn to appreciate the moment for what it is.

No one amongst us has been immune from suffering or from watching others suffer. It would also be a rare individual who would not know of someone who lost their life early or lost their independence and freedom with ill health.

Life can change so suddenly. Yes, we can care for ourselves through balance, good eating, meditation, and other forms of nurturing. We can use our minds to focus on the best things in life. These do not actually guarantee longevity, though. What they do is increase quality of life while we’re living, which is truly a gift of kindness to ourselves.

Regardless, we do all have cards we will be dealt, to learn the lessons our soul wishes to master. We may avoid a lesson through one path, say avoiding a certain disease through a devoted path to wellness, but we do not entirely avoid the lessons we are here to learn. Life will deliver the lesson in another way.

So with this knowledge, what do we do? We know life will change. We cannot stop that. So, what is the best thing we can do in the meantime?

We can wholly and soulfully embrace our lives! We can give ourselves permission to truly enjoy our existence, by shifting priorities and making more conscious choices. That way if life does change suddenly, you are at peace knowing that you enjoyed each day along the way for the gift that it was.

Of course, change can be positive too. In fact, the more consciously we embrace and appreciate our lives, whatever the lessons, the more blessings are bestowed upon us. When we shift our priorities to a committed direction of enjoyment and appreciation, we also create much more space in our time and thinking. So it is a win/win situation!

Life really is such a short and precious gift. It can also change unexpectedly in one tiny moment. So please, love yourself enough to commit to enjoying your life. Make decisions that support your happiness – your genuine, heartfelt happiness. Remove ‘should’ from your vocabulary. See your life for what it potentially is – a celebration of existence on a gloriously beautiful planet. It offers endless opportunities for connection, activity, happiness, bliss, gratitude and laughter.

Doing what makes you happy does not mean not caring for others. It means caring for you, as well as others. The joy that emanates from a satisfied person naturally then flows onto the paths of others anyway. Everyone benefits!

So, please, enjoy your life – because it is happening now.

It truly is time to enjoy your life. Give yourself permission now. Make conscious choices every day. Take action.

It is your life. Use your power of choice wisely.

I wish you love. And I wish you joy.