16. Choosing Ease Over Force

16. Choosing Ease Over Force

It’s easy when a dream finally appears possible to rush into it. But I’ve found that anything forced is robbed of the pleasure of its unfolding. This has been a time of surrender, of choice to maintain ease despite all I’ve embarked upon and all I wish for. I hope it will help you make gentle choices for yourself too.

Welcome to Episode 16.

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Room to Breathe – Rive Run Dry
Set it Free – Isobelle Walton
Twinkle of the Lights – Johannes Bornlōf
Something Very Real – Bireli Snow
Sunday Trip – Plain Strolls
You is Magic – River Run Dry
Mimicking Your Breathing – Harper Rey
Once You Choose Hope – Sayuri Hayashi Egnell

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Thanks for sharing this time. I appreciate you.