Flowing Forward

The creek overflows once again, as the runoff from two days of heavy rains flows into the catchment. The bridge out is almost covered too, so I am stuck at home. (I love this fact.)

There is a part of the creek where it splits into a few smaller streams, then comes together again. Watching it reminds me of life and the decisions we are faced with, the journey being different whichever way we choose.

When faced with huge or small decisions, there is always free will. There are likely some things we are destined to experience and move toward in our lifetimes, but the choice is in which way to get there.

Do we choose the apparently easiest or quickest way? Do we take the slow, scenic route? Or do we face the challenges straight on, take the bumpy road, but get to the other side with more strength and insights into ourselves, making the journey beyond that so much more worthwhile?

The water flows on and comes together again. Further downstream, it splits again and goes off in a variety of directions. Some of this joins other creeks to become a mighty river, eventually flowing strongly down to the ocean. Some of the original creek continues to join other small streams. Some of it appears to stagnate, coming to a point where the flow has stopped completely. Then another major rainfall arrives and off it goes again. Eventually it all ends up where it is meant to, as do we.

Being in the flow means allowing answers to come in their own time. Sometimes those will still ask us to take the seemingly hardest route forward. Just answering to the direction life is calling us to, in trust without knowing the exact destination, is living with flow.

Forcing life is not how it is meant to be. When we are forcing things, we are trying to control the outcome. We are acting from a place of fear, not trust. By daring to surrender to life’s natural flow, we open to blessings even more perfect than our imagined desires. This flow knows our needs even better than we do ourselves

As I watch the creek bubble over rocks and reeds, going off in new directions, always ending up where it is meant to, I smile in trust and hope. Life is flowing and though I may hit a few snags and detours along the way, I am able to surrender to the flow.

Trusting it and using our power of choice consciously is allowing life’s blessings to arrive in our lives. It is surrendering through courage, trusting that life loves us and has heard our heart’s call.

It is also freeing and incredibly joyful.