1:1 Consultation

You only have one life. Make it extraordinary.

It's time to stop...

  • sabotaging yourself before you even begin
  • treating yourself with less kindness than you do others
  • staying stuck in disempowering situations instead of honouring your joy
  • shaping your life around the expectations of others
  • watching your life tick by, knowing it could be so much better
  • beating yourself up for past mistakes
  • being resigned that this is all there is
  • grieving for your past and not believing a brighter future is possible
  • beating yourself up for not being successful enough
  • wasting time on things that don't matter

Start living the life you're here to experience – filled with peace, purpose and joy.


Having spent years sitting by the bedsides of terminally ill people in their very last weeks, I've come to realise this:


The biggest difference between a life well-lived and one consumed with the heartache of regret is courage.


The courage to take action. The courage to listen to your heart. The courage to live in alignment with your purpose and joy.


Taking the first step isn't easy. But life rewards courage in the most unexpected and delightfulways.


And I'm here to help you cultivate that courage, to create and experience a life true to yourself.

Some of the things I’ve supported past clients with:

Cultivating self-compassion and overcoming your inner critic

Untangling fears around self-employment and creating steps to begin

Breaking through resistance to let the creativity out

Balancing work and life with more space and joy

Identifying limiting beliefs around money and replacing them with empowering ones to invite prosperity

Understanding that your needs matter too

Genuine and lasting self-forgiveness

Healing sexual shame and guilt

Becoming the creator of your own life

Letting go of old regrets and moving forward with peace

Gaining clarity in your relationships so you can focus on the ones that support you

Logistics and tech-systems for solo entrepreneurship

Rewriting limiting stories you tell yourself and breaking through your upper limits

Giving yourself unconditional permission to be happy

Bringing meaning and joy back into your life


An hour of power with one of the world's most recognised experts on regret-free living.

Straight (but loving) guidance
I'll ask you some tough questions from a place of love. Your answers will help us create a plan for living with courage and joy.

Judgement-free zone
Know that I'll receive anything you tell me with acceptance and empathy – no matter what your circumstances are.

An audio recording of the session
So you don’t have to take notes, and be fully present during your session.

How to Begin

Get clear on your needs for the session
Consider what is holding you back the most. It is often not what we think, but the session will reveal that. Just give some thought to what it seems to be.

Contact the office to book
Sessions are usually offered between 10am - 1pm, Sydney, Australia time. More options are listed further below. Alternatives can be discussed via email.

Prepare for your session
Complete the questionnaire that we will send you after booking.

Show up with an open mind
We will explore the challenges you are facing and come up with a plan to help you overcome them. The more open and honest you are, the more you will get out of the session.


“She may not have known it, but Bronnie has been a beacon of light, and a compass, in my life for many years. From the moment I came across her blog, I looked very forward to reading her wise monthly emails and even emailed her out of the blue during a particularly trying time (yes, she did answer.)

Bronnie was compassionate and caring during our call. She listened attentively to gain understanding and her advice was enlightening, clear, energetic, and kind. Bronnie’s wisdom opened and expanded my horizons with just one phone call.

I strongly recommend her services. When you talk to Bronnie, you immediately embark on a fascinating journey of self discovery and pluralistic perspectives.“

Rosana - USA

Mentoring 4

"Bronnie set me straight right from the get go. I had a book inside of me and I had no clue where to begin, what style of book it was let alone how many words to write. She answered all of my questions while giving me clarity of where to go with my book as I had been holding myself back. Bronnie inspired me to write my book from my heart and I am so grateful for her insight and time together."

Lizzie - Australia

Mentoring 3

Your Investment Will Depend on the Option Chosen

Please contact the office at the bottom of the page to discuss further

Option A

On Zoom, weekdays between 10am and 1pm Sydney, Australia

Other session times for Zoom are available upon discussion

Option B

In-person consulting where Bronnie travels to you


"I generally have very high expectations of myself and carefully curate who I spent any of my valuable time with. As a high-output person - multiple business owner, entrepreneur, father and husband - time management and where to put my energy, both physical and spiritual, is of paramount importance.

I've had the privilege of 1:1 mentoring with Bronnie. She has a highly unique ability to simplify seemingly complex matters and offer support in overcoming barriers in various areas of my life - barriers that I previously viewed as insurmountable. 

Bronnie's ability to help me reframe obstacles and convert them into something easily achievable is invaluable. I attribute this to Bronnie's incredible hard-earned wisdom, life experience, creativity and lateral thinking. 

Since starting my sessions with Bronnie, I've applied her teachings and found insuppressible motivation to take many areas of my life to the next level.  From hard-hitting global corporates to local spiritual leaders - the benefits of time invested with Bronnie will prove immeasurable."

Glenn - Australia

Mentoring 2

"For my 39th Birthday I received a coaching session with Bronnie Ware. Bronnie masterfully honed in on the why behind my words, the reasons that I felt the way I did. She gently encouraged me to share more and through her insights and her valuable observations of the bigger picture and my place in it, nudged me toward living a life that feels and has become more authentic, impactful and powerful for me as an individual. The experience of having access to her wisdom was one that I cherish. Its influence has improved not only mine but my family’s life and for that I will be forever grateful."

Amy, Germany

Mentoring 1